Day 1: Surgical Techniques

Lecture (4 hours)

• Understand surgical principles
• Understand the atraumatic extraction technique, the art of bone preservation
• Understand socket classifications and how to treat them accordingly
• Learn various suturing techniques
• Understand material selection (sutures, membrane types, grafts)
• Comprehend graft containment
• Understand bone healing dynamics
• Understand maintaining vs. obtaining soft and hard tissue

Online (4 hours)

• The principles of implantology and historical overview of dental implants
• Different implant designs, implant anatomy, and different features of implant body
• Pharmacology in implant dentistry
• Proper CT scan for implant guide
• Step-by step overview to make a surgical guide for dental implant placement

Hands-on (4 hours)

• Suturing techniques on models

Day 2: Healed Ridge

Lecture (4 hours)

• Principles of dental implantology
• Anatomical concerns for case selection
• Guided vs. non-guided surgery
• Advantages and disadvantages of two types of guided implant placement surgery and protocol
• Surgical and prosthetic parts and pieces
• Basic bone healing physiology
• Implant placement on healed ridge
• Proper incision design and no-flap (punch) procedure
• Insertional torque value (ITV)
• Resonance frequency analysis (RFA) and implant stability quotient (ISQ)
• Cone beam CT: the basics of reading CBCT images
• Decision tree between one and two-stage surgery and use of provisional prostheses (immediate load vs. immediate restoration)
• Soft tissue challenges
• Role of soft tissue quantity and quality
• Maintaining and obtaining high-quality non-mobile tissue around dental implants
• Next level of treatment planning using treatment planning software

Hands-on (4 hours)

• Understand tactile perception of different bone types; practice using drills in D1-D4 bone types
• Implant placement into maxillary bone models guided and non-guided (free-hand)

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