Day 1: Immediate Placement

Lecture (4 hours)

• Learn how to treatment plan and execute immediate implants using CBCT technology
• Understand free-hand implant placement in immediate extraction sites
• Learn how to preserve bone using an atraumatic extraction technique
• Understand implant placement for denture patients
• Introduction to complex implant treatment planning (full arch)
• Discuss implant placement strategies; learn when to use a surgical guide and free-handed implant placement
• Learn about the different extraction socket types and how to graft around the implant
• Understand principles of graft containment
• Learn about grafting and membrane materials
• Understand implant selection based on socket anatomy
• Learn how to use ISQ technology to aid in immediate extraction implant placement
• Learn how to use custom tissue formers for tissue management and graft containment

Online (4 hours)

• Case for immediate implant placement
• Case selection and immediate planning
• Extraction technique
• Placement protocol and graft containment

Hands-on (4 hours)

• Hands-on training using models (extractions, grafting, suturing, and socket preservation)

Day 2: Restorative

Lecture (4 hours)

• Understand several impression techniques and when to use them (for examples, open vs. closed tray technique)
• Understand abutment selection and functional design
• Understand the application of immediate provisionalization
• Comprehend the importance of tissue management
• Understand custom tissue formers (chair-side vs. lab)
• Learn how to create a custom impression coping
• Understand transmucosal abutments and when to use them in the restoration process
• Comprehend the principles of overdenture treatment planning
• Understand edentulous patient implant restorations and the requirements for vertical dimension

Hands-on (4 hours)

• Hands-on model demonstrations: open and closed tray impression techniques, temporary abutment and crown fabrication, abutment selection and placement process, and more

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