Stateside or Destination Dental Implant Course: Top Factors to Consider

April 10, 2023

Dental implant courses are designed to help dentists learn how to place dental implants as well advance their surgical skills to provide the best care possible for their patients.

Stateside vs. Destination Dental Implant Courses


The highlight of a destination implant course is typically the location but oftentimes they lack essential course experiences. Whereas most stateside dental implant courses take a no-nonsense approach to education, placing emphasis on providing comprehensive care for patients.

Many destination dental implant courses only focus on the number of implants placed and the act of placing dental implants. They fail to address the “why” and the end-result for the patient leaving attendees wondering “what the patient’s outcome was long after surgery.” Attending a stateside dental implant placement program allows you to work with people who are dealing with the same concerns that you are regarding the patient base, working with different dental insurances, or all kinds of practice scenarios that you are faced with everyday.

Stateside dental implant courses include theoretical as well as practical sessions. Students get opportunities to learn from mentors chair-side during surgeries, focusing on implant placement, uncovering and even restoring. Students not only build confidence and learn essential skills, but they also learn effective ways to overcome any challenges that may arise before, during and after surgery.

Reputable continuing education companies offering stateside dental implant courses realize the importance of maintaining a healthy student-mentor ratio. A lower student-mentor ratio allows for a more personalized experience. Some of the best training institutes in the country have one mentor for every three students.

Deciding to participate in dental implant placement education is an investment, an investment in your future and your practice.

Why Enroll in a Stateside Dental Course Offered By RDI?


RDI mentors have years of hands-on experience performing dental implant surgeries. Though subject matter experts, RDI mentors consider themselves lifelong learners and never let an opportunity to learn new dental implant technologies or develop a new skill pass them by.

At RDI, we blend theory with practice. Students get ample opportunities to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to real-life surgical situations. We limit the number of students we accept to maintain smaller class sizes so mentors can spend more time with students.

Restoration Driven Implants is a leading education resource committed to helping dentists learn the skills required to run a successful dental practice. RDI mentors have an unparalleled ability to convey complex information effectively. To enroll in a course, call (715) 962-8454.