Core Series Courses

Dental continuing education to bring proven dental implant placement methodology to your practice.

Core Series: Confidently bring dental implants to your patients


Core Series 1: Set your journey in motion

Surgical Principles and Healed Ridge

Core Series 1 sets your dental implant journey in motion. You’ll begin by learning the surgical principles of dental implantology focusing on atraumatic extraction, bone preservation, socket classification and various suturing techniques. On the second day of Core Series 1, we will discuss guided vs. non-guided surgery, proper incision design, one and two-stage surgery and much more. Series 1 spans two days and includes lectures, online modules, and hands-on components on models.


Core Series 2: Your journey evolves

Immediate placement and Restorative

During this two-day training, you’ll build on the knowledge and hands-on skills you developed in Series 1, deepening your understanding of implant dentistry and advancing your techniques. Series 2 lecture and online module topics include bone preservation, bone healing dynamics and immediate implant placement. Day 1 hands-on components involve practicing extractions, grafting, suturing and socket preservation on models. We will broaden your understanding of the restorative process during day 2, practicing using drills in different bone types, trying your hand at implant placement into mandibular bone models, and more.

Core Series 3: Elevate your surgical experience

Live patient implant surgery & implementation

After completing Core Series 1 and 2, you’ll move on to Core Series 3. After completing this series, you’ll be confident in your implant abilities and ready to achieve successful, repeatable implant results in your own practice. Series 3 features hands-on, live patient surgeries at a state-of-the-art dental clinic. Series 3 also includes an online segment that prepares doctors and their staff to implement their Core Series learnings in their own practice on Monday morning.