Master Series Day 1

Implant Treatment Planning (Lecture and Hands-on)

• What is needed for a proper CT scan / Planning
• Go over the software views and what you are looking for in them.
• Bad Ct with movement scatter
• Single posterior Healed ridge, Train on the process or sequence of planning, Buccal lingual width, Height, crown height, bone density, inter occlusal space,
• What is a max crown height?
• Proper ridge height for a good prosthetic outcome for single unit vs. multiple and hybrids
• Single unit Immediate extraction anterior or posterior
• Multiple unit posterior Healed ridge
• Occlusal space requirements
• Where to set the implant height in reference to the tissue
• When treatment planning when to use a custom tissue former vs. immediate temp
• When not to implant is a better option
• When to refer for implant placement and for grafting
• Angled placement of implants
• Challenges with short implants
• Grafting decisions with respect to the ridge height
• Anatomy need to expand on this How deep do we go? (no pathology)
• Splinting vs. Single implant crowns in anterior or posterior area
• When is a bar indicated? How many implants are necessary?
• Removable, Locator, screw retained, bar over denture, 4 vs 6 implants, AP spread
• Misch Prosthetic classification Advanced prosthetic course.
• Auxiliary anterior nerve loop how to treatment plan
• Terminal implant abutments, Occlusal Design of prosthetic
• How to handle incisive canal when treatment planning

Surgical & Restorative Implant Complications

(Lecture and Hands-on)

• How to deal with infections
• Delayed graft, after extraction
• Management and recognition of failed socket preservation
• When to take action with a failing graft.
• Failed implant (early vs. late)
• How to treat a site after failed implant is removed
• Bone loss around the implant. When do you say good-bye to the implant?
• How to overcome a bad angled implant
• When is an implant to deep?
• Terminal abutments – Learn how to design the occlusion so the abutment does not break
• Broken screw removal
• What to do if you cannot get the screw out?
• Loss of soft tissue around an implant resulting in exposed threads.
• Malpositioned implants. When do you let it sleep?
• What can cause implant failure? Learn how to minimize risk of failure.
• How to ID an implant
• Gathering the right information (smile pictures, lip retracted, etc.)
• Planning from crown down right from the beginning. Understand the available product options before surgery.
• How to tell when attachments need to be replaced
• Learn how to pick-up attachments chairside
• Understand the importance of providing clear instructions on RX form. Learn what is needed to fill out an RX form.
• Introduction to PRF and PRP – Benefits and usage to treat complications in implantology


Master Series Day 2

Sinus Lift Course (formerly Posterior Maxilla)

(Lecture and Hands-on)

• When to augment or use short implants
• Proper placement of short implants
• Vertical sinus lift using Versa and Osteotomes
• When to do a lateral window
• Flap design
• Proper implant planning
• Incision design and techniques for maintaining and obtaining non-mobile tissue
• Introduce the use of Piezo equipment and how to safely prepare a lateral window


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Master Series classes held?

Master Series 4 and 5 are held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Master Series 6 is held at Peter Christensen Dental Center near Minocqua, Wisconsin.

Will I be placing implants during the Master Series?

Our Master Series 6 classes include 2 full days of live patient surgeries on preselected patients in a 3 to 1 mentor-to-student experience. Master Series 6 is limited to 6 attendees. All attendees must have a current United States dental license to participate.