Day 1-2: Live Patient Surgeries for Doctors

At Core Series 3, you’ll apply what you’ve learned in Core Series 1 and 2 during real-world, live patient surgeries. Our RDI mentors will guide you as you perfect your implant placement technique, offering personalized over-the-shoulder training with a mentor-to-student ratio of 1-to-2.

Hands-on (16 hours)

• Review preoperative workup using CBCT for each patient
• Live implant surgery on multiple patients over 2 days
• Mentored, over-the-shoulder implant training (1 mentor to 2 students)
• Preselected implant patients; patients receive comprehensive treatment throughout the process
• Live patient implant uncovering
• Teeth extraction done atraumatically for bone preservation
• Hands-on implant placement of healed ridge and immediate extraction placement

Online: Implementation

Don’t walk alone on your journey: involve everyone on your team. During this online segment, we’ve broken down the educational topics you’ve learned in the three-part Core Series so that you can share and strategize with your team. This is the one of the most important components of the Core Series, as the success of your business relies on the support of your team!

Online (4 hours)

• Understand how to implement Restorative Driven Implant education in your practice
• Learn what you need to do differently as a dentist in your practice on Monday morning
• Learn what should be part of your toolkit to get started with implant placement
• Understand what your team needs to hear and believe to help get your team on the same page
• Understand the roles each team member has in implant dentistry
• Learn what codes to use for implant procedures
• Review the types of procedural decision trees for your team
• Understand how to market to patients

Hear From Past Attendees

Watch below and hear about the benefits of an RDI Implant Training Course.

Frequently Asked Questions

I see that Core Series 1 and 2 include online modules. Do I need to complete these?

Yes. In order to receive CE credits, you must complete the online modules and answer the questions in the quizzes.

When should I complete the Core Series 1 and 2 online modules?

You’ll receive access to the online modules via email two weeks prior to the start of the course. You can start the modules as soon as you receive them; you must complete them by prior to the start of the series.

Can I attend Core Series 3 without attending Series 1 and 2 first?

No. Attendees are required to attend Core Series 1 and 2 before they can attend Series 3.

Can I bring my team members with me to the series?

If you register for Core Series 1-3 you can bring up to two team members to Core Series 2 for free. Core Series 2 includes a team training component.