Dental Implant Placement Courses For General Dentists

November 9, 2023

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of continuing education for practicing dentists. Implant dentistry is rapidly evolving. An advanced dental implant course can equip you with advanced skills and knowledge, helping you become future-ready. 

RDI has revolutionized continuing dental education. Developed by industry experts, our CE program provides practicing dentists with the tools they need to level up their careers. 

Program Modules 

RDI’s CE program consists of two courses – the Core series and the Master series. The Core series educates course participants about emerging dental implant technology trends. It is designed to help practicing dentists hone their skills and equip them with new advanced skills. In the Master series, participants get numerous opportunities to apply the skills they have learned in the Core series to real-life situations. 

Learn From the Best

We have assembled an A-team of mentors. Every RDI mentor has years of experience under their belt and an in-depth understanding of the principles of implant dentistry. With their trained eyes, they never miss a detail. RDI mentors realize the importance of knowledge sharing. They’re always eager to share their knowledge and are open to learning from their students. 

RDI mentors use various teaching techniques to engage their students. Their unparalleled ability to simplify complex topics and ideas sets them apart from their peers. They often use case studies and examples to challenge their students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Mentors encourage course participants to question everything and think outside the box.

The Right Balance Between Theory and Practice

We realize the power of learning by doing. Students learn more and also retain more information about a process or technique/tool used during a procedure when they perform it.  

Our courses include classroom sessions plus practicals/live training sessions. During hands-on training sessions, course participants perform surgeries under the guidance of their mentors. Training sessions open doors to new learning opportunities. Course participants learn effective techniques to prevent and manage complications.  

Healthy Pupil-Teacher Ratio

An overcrowded classroom can hamper the learning process. In crowded classrooms, teachers may fail to communicate their point and often struggle to pay individual attention to their students. 

We are committed to ensuring that real learning happens in our classrooms. For every two RDI students, there is a mentor. Mentors have meaningful one-on-one interactions with their students. As they spend more time with their students, RDI mentors develop a better understanding of their learning styles. A smaller class size allows mentors to adapt their teaching methods to meet the diverse learning needs of every student.  

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