Live Patient Implant Course

October 10, 2023

Whether you want to learn new skills or polish your existing skills, enroll in a continuing dental education course. The right continuing dental education course can equip you with skills for tomorrow, helping you become future-ready. It discusses the latest trends in implant dentistry and best practices to prevent complications.

Why Enroll in RDI’s Continuing Dental Education Program?

RDI is committed to revolutionizing dental education. We realize the importance of hands-on training. Designed by industry experts, our continuing dental education program lays equal emphasis on classroom sessions and practical sessions. It consists of two patient implant courses: the Core Series and the Master series.

During the course of their study, RDI students learn effective ways to plan dental implant procedures, increase tissue thickness, and prevent and manage complications. They assist their mentors during live surgeries. Course participants gain invaluable knowledge by observing their mentors as they perform surgeries. They learn about issues that can arise during surgeries and best practices for managing them.

Our patient implant courses aim to equip practicing dentists with the skills to perform surgeries in the most effective manner. We evaluate our courses and tweak their structure regularly to maximize their effectiveness and keep them up to date.

RDI Mentors: A Cut Above the Rest

Every RDI mentor has years of experience in performing complex procedures. They have mastered different methods for placing dental implants correctly. Their in-depth understanding of the principles of implant dentistry sets them apart from other practicing dentists.

RDI mentors stay on top of industry trends and are always eager to learn about breakthroughs in the field of implant dentistry. Every mentor on our team is an eminent educator. They use effective ways to explain complex ideas and topics. Though experts in their field, RDI mentors consider themselves lifelong learners and grab learning opportunities with both hands.

The Right Balance Between Theory and Practice

Both theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge are important. We believe in the power of learning by doing. Our courses include classroom sessions as well as training sessions. Course participants learn important concepts in the classroom and implement the knowledge they have gained during class sessions to real-life situations when assisting their mentors during live surgeries.

We Maintain a Healthy Pupil-Teacher Ratio

Crowded classrooms can negatively affect learning outcomes. Students and teachers in a crowded classroom can get distracted easily and may struggle to stay focused and get their point across. We maintain a healthy student-mentor ratio of 2:1. A low student-mentor ratio allows mentors to meet the learning needs of their students.

To inquire about our courses, call (715) 962-8454.