Top 4 Things to Look For in an Implant Dentistry Course

December 28, 2023

Implant dentistry is a continuously evolving field. Implant dentistry tools and techniques that are popular today may become obsolete tomorrow. Dentists should commit to continuous learning. The right implant restoration CE course can help you learn about emerging trends in implant dentistry and become familiar with advanced dental implant instruments and techniques.

Here are some things to check when selecting an implant training course.

Hands-on Training

The best implant restoration CE courses give equal weightage to classroom and training sessions. Before enrolling in a course, check the number of hours dedicated to classroom sessions and training sessions.

 At RDI, we firmly believe in the effectiveness of learning by doing. In addition to attending lectures, RDI students assist their mentors during implant surgeries. Training sessions allow students to gain first-hand experience in performing complex surgeries. They learn best practices for performing surgeries and ways to prevent and manage complications by watching their mentors.

Student-to-Mentor Ratio

An overcrowded classroom can overwhelm even the most experienced educator. In a jam-packed classroom, both the educator and students may have difficulty staying focused. Educators often struggle to get their point across and cannot give individual attention to every student in crowded classrooms.

To create a conducive learning environment, we maintain a healthy student-to-mentor ratio of 2:1. A low student-mentor ratio allows mentors to cater to the diverse learning needs of their students.


Before enrolling in a CE course for practicing dentists, check the qualifications and experience of course mentors. An experienced and qualified mentor is equipped to help their pupils become future-ready. They understand the nature of problems that can arise during complex dental implant procedures and know how to manage them to prevent complications.

RDI mentors bring decades of collective experience of performing implant surgeries to the table. They are trained in the use of dental implant instruments and have an in-depth understanding of best practices for placing dental implants correctly.

RDI mentors are passionate educators. They have an unparalleled ability to explain complex topics and concepts effectively and use a wide variety of teaching methods to make their classes more engaging for students.

Bifurcation Into Courses

Consider a CE program that includes multiple courses, allowing students to first build a knowledge base and gain skills and then apply the gained knowledge to real-life situations.

Regardless of which stage of your learning journey you are in, RDI’s CE program can meet your learning needs. Our program consists of two courses – the Core Series and the Master Series. In the Core Series, students learn important concepts related to bone preservation and bone healing dynamics and also assist their mentors during live surgeries. In the Master Series, program participants learn to plan surgeries and ways to increase tissue thickness and prevent complications.

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