What You Will Learn in Your Implant Placement Course

December 4, 2023

Want to improve your surgical skills and learn about new, emerging trends in implant dentistry? Enroll in a continuing dental education course. An implant placement course can equip a practicing dentist with the advanced skills that they need in order to plan surgeries and prevent and manage complications. The best implant courses encourage course participants to think differently to develop innovative solutions to complicated problems that can occur during and after dental implant surgeries.

Restorative Driven Implants is committed to revolutionizing dental education. Our CE program is designed with the constantly evolving learning needs of students in mind. We regularly evaluate program design and tweak it when required to keep it relevant.

Our CE program in implant dentistry consists of two courses – the Core Series and the Master Series. Both courses are further divided into six modules (three modules each).

What You Will Learn in the Core Series


Core Series 1: Embark on Your Learning Journey (Duration: 2 days)

You will start by learning principles of implant dentistry, best practices for performing atraumatic extractions, the right way to classify extraction sockets, and bone preservation and suturing techniques. On the second day, your mentor will discuss guided and non-guided surgery, one and two-stage surgery, and incision design considerations.

Core Series 2: Advance Your Journey (Duration: 2 days)

During the two-day training session, you’ll deepen your knowledge and skills gained in Core Series 1. You will learn more about bone healing dynamics, bone preservation techniques, and best practices for placing implants immediately. On day 1, you will practice extractions, grafting, and suturing on models. On day 2, you will use drills and place implants in mandibular bone models under your mentor’s guidance.

Core Series 3: Elevate Your Knowledge (Duration: 16 hours)

In Core Series 3, you will assist your mentor during live patient surgeries and learn effective ways to improve patient experience.

What You Will Learn in the Master Series


Master Series 4: Take Your Learning Journey to the Next Level (Duration: 2 days)

Master Series 4 lasts two days. During these two days, you will observe your mentors perform live patient surgeries and learn more about shorty implants, crestal lifts, and lateral windows. You will also learn ridge augmentation techniques.

Master Series 5: Dive Deep Into Important Topics (Duration: 2 days)

Over the course of the next two days, you will watch your mentors perform different types of procedures and learn how to increase tissue thickness, plan implant placement in anterior aesthetic areas, preserve soft tissue around dental implants, and lower the risk of complications.

Master Series 6: (Duration: 2 days)

Apply the skills gained in Master Series 4 and 5 to real-life situations under the guidance of Dr. Adam Kruger and Dr. Jan Bublik.

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