Hands-on Dental Implant Course

October 18, 2023

Want to give wings to your career? Enroll in an advanced dental CE course. A comprehensive dental CE course can equip you with advanced skills. A well-designed course discusses the latest trends in implant dentistry and emerging dental implant technologies. After completing a continuing dental education course, you will have the technical knowledge required to perform dental implant surgery flawlessly.

RDI is Re-imagining Continuing Dental Education

RDI offers a comprehensive continuing dental education program consisting of two dental implant courses – the Core series and the Master series. The Core series is designed to help course participants learn new advanced skills. In the Core series, practicing dentists learn best practices for placing dental implants correctly and preventing complications. They assist their mentors during live surgeries. Hands-on training allows course participants to observe their mentors while they’re performing complex procedures and learn from them.

After completing the Core series, students advance to the next level (the Master series). In the Master series, course participants further develop their skills. The course introduces them to best practices for planning procedures, increasing tissue thickness, and preventing and managing complications.

Unparalleled Commitment to Excellence

Implant dentistry is a rapidly evolving field. Continuing dental education courses should be updated regularly or they may lose their effectiveness. We revisit our courses at regular intervals and tweak them when necessary to ensure they discuss the latest topics, surgical instruments, and techniques.

RDI Mentors

RDI mentors bring decades of collective experience in performing complex dental implant surgeries to the table. Their vast and rich experience enables them to maintain their composure during surgeries. RDI mentors have an in-depth understanding of the principles of implant dentistry. They plan every surgery down to the last detail to prevent confusion and complications.

RDI mentors are passionate educators. They adopt a flexible attitude, which allows them to adapt their teaching style to meet the diverse learning needs of their students. RDI mentors use different tools and methods to effectively explain complex topics and ideas and to get their point across. They are lifelong learners and are always eager to learn. RDI mentors use case studies regularly to facilitate the understanding of dental implant techniques.

Balancing Theory and Practice

Our dental implant courses include classroom sessions and hands-on training sessions. Students learn ways to plan implant procedures and prevent complications in class and then apply the knowledge they have acquired to real-life situations when assisting their mentors during surgeries.

Small Class Sizes

Smaller classes are conducive to learning. For every couple of RDI students, there is an RDI mentor. A healthy student-teacher ratio allows mentors to give personalized attention to their students, which improves learning outcomes.

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