Take Your Dental Practice to the Next Level With Advanced Implant Training

November 23, 2023

Implant dentistry is a highly specialized and ever-evolving field. Popular techniques and tools used by surgeons to place dental implants today can fall out of favor tomorrow. Practicing dentists should commit to lifelong learning. If you have just set up your practice and want to hone your skills, enroll in a continuing education course. An advanced dental CE course can equip you with specialized skills, helping you become future-ready.

Dental Implant Courses by RDI

Want to acquire new skills and learn effective ways to run your practice more efficiently? Restorative Driven Implants has got you covered. We are committed to revolutionizing dental implant training. Our dental CE courses explain the latest dental implant placement techniques and technologies in detail. They are designed to help practicing dentists acquire an in-depth understanding of the principles of implant dentistry and best practices for performing dental surgeries.

Program Structure

Our dental CE program consists of two courses – the Core series and the Master series (each divided into three modules).

Core Series: In the Core series, course participants learn the skills required to place dental implants flawlessly. The Core series discusses important topics related to bone preservation, incision design, guided and non-guided surgery, and bone healing dynamics. Students place implants into mandibular bone models using drills.

Master Series: In the Master series, students get opportunities to apply the skills they learned in the Core series to real-life situations. They help RDI mentors plan implant procedures and observe them as they perform live surgeries. Course participants also assist their mentors during live surgeries.

RDI mentors teach their students effective ways to increase tissue thickness, plan complex procedures that involve placing implants in anterior aesthetic areas, and prevent complications.

Learn From Industry Experts

RDI mentors bring decades of collective experience in performing dental implant surgeries to the table. They have the skills and expertise to plan and perform complex procedures. RDI mentors are revered educators. They use various methods to impart advanced implant training. Their ability to think outside the box and develop innovative learning solutions sets them apart from their peers.

RDI mentors use various teaching methods to effectively explain complex topics, ideas, and concepts. They have their students’ best interests at heart and go the extra mile to ensure their learning needs are met.

Ideal Student-Teacher Ratio  

Crowded classrooms tend to be noisier and are filled with distractions. Often, students and teachers in crowded classrooms have trouble focusing and concentrating. We maintain a healthy 2:1 student-to-mentor ratio so that mentors can give their students individual attention.

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