Wisconsin Dental Training Program by RDI

Dentistry is an ever-evolving field. Therefore, dentists must commit to lifelong learning and upgrade their skills and knowledge at regular intervals to provide the best patient care. 

RDI: Equipping Dentists With Future-Ready Skills

Restorative Driven Implants is committed to helping practicing dentists learn new, in-demand skills to grow their dental practice. Our dental training program comprises two modules – the Core Series and the Master Series. The Core Series is designed to help dentists learn how to place dental implants. RDI Core Series graduates can advance their skills with more complex cases by attending the RDI Master Series.


RDI Mentors: A Cut Above the Rest

RDI mentors are practicing dentists with years of hands-on experience performing dental implant surgeries. They are always willing to share their knowledge with dentists. Though subject matter experts in their field, they are open to learning and view mentoring as an opportunity to learn from the experiences of their students. 

RDI mentors do not hesitate to go the extra mile to create a conducive learning environment. Their ability to explain implant placement concepts in a simple way and engage their students sets them apart from their peers. RDI mentors use tried and tested teaching methods to ignite curiosity in their students. 

A Healthy Student-Teacher Ratio

An overcrowded classroom presents insurmountable learning challenges. Teachers in overcrowded classrooms are unable to get their point across, whereas students are unable to concentrate. Poor concentration affects learning outcomes. It’s a lose-lose situation for teachers and students. We  maintain a healthy mentor-student ratio (1 mentor per 2 students). A low mentor-student ratio allows mentors to address the learning needs of every student in the classroom. 

Balancing Theory and Practice 

Many dental implant courses just focus on theory. Theory without practice isn’t recommended in implant dentistry. Studies show that students are more likely to fully grasp complex concepts when they learn by doing. Our course designers strive to integrate theory and practice to enhance learning. Participants do not just sit in class and listen to lectures, they also complete model based activities and perform live patient implant surgeries with mentored, over-the-shoulder training.

Hands-on training allows trainees to learn by doing rather than by absorbing knowledge or information without engaging with it. 

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Dental Implant Placement begins with proper planning

Achieve success with Dental Implant Placement

Dental implants are the most durable and long-lasting solution for missing teeth, with a success rate of up to 98%.

As a dentist, one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your work is restoring a patient’s smile with dental implants. If you want to start offering dental implant services to your patients, it begins with proper training. Thus, signing up for one of the best dental implant restoration courses is highly recommended.

What you will learn with dental implant courses by Restorative Driven Implants



It is necessary to plan dental implant placement procedures thoroughly, preparing your patients for a successful restorative outcome from the very beginning. At RDI, we apply a systematic approach to implant dentistry. What does that mean for you?
As an attendee, you will receive several protocol planning documents that will outline the step-by-step process for implant placement to help you achieve the desired outcome for your patient. We refer to it as our “cook-book” for success!

Surgical Procedure

The next step is following a pre-determined surgical plan to gain the best restorative outcome, whether performing immediate extraction implant placement or CBCT guided surgery.

Gain new skills and expertise to expand your service offerings with our dental implant restoration courses, register for our Core series.

Restorative Procedure

After the surgical procedure, the restorative phase of the dental implant placement begins. Proper planning from the very beginning ensures the best restorative outcome at the end.

Learn from industry experts and expand your dental services to support your customers and increase your revenue. Restorative Driven Implants is one of the leading dental implant training providers in Minneapolis, MN.  With proper education and training, you can provide patients with functional, pleasing, and long-lasting smiles. Sign up for our dental implant course today to get started. Call us to enquire more at (715) 962-8454 now!

Minnesota Dental Training Program by RDI

Implant dentistry is evolving by leaps and bounds. In an evolving industry, only professionals who commit to lifelong learning grow. A well-designed continuing education dental implant course can prepare you for the future by equipping you with future-ready skills. An effective dental course is designed to help participants learn upcoming dental implant technologies and master dental implant techniques. 

Enroll in RDI’s Dental Implant Training Program to Further Your Career 

Restorative Driven Implants is committed to revolutionizing dental education. Developed by industry experts, our dental training program can be adapted to suit the changing needs of learners. Our implant training courses are designed to engage students utilizing lectures, hands-on activities and live patient surgeries. 

Expand Your Service Offerings 

RDI’s implant training courses are designed to help practicing dentists expand their skill sets. Students get opportunities to familiarize themselves with emerging technology trends and develop an in-depth understanding of best practices for placing dental implants accurately. 

Our courses push course participants to think outside the box and develop new perspectives. Once they return to their practice after completing their course, dentists can use their newly acquired skills to improve treatment outcomes. By delivering results, you build trust with your patients. When your patients trust you, they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and family members. 

Learn From the Best in the Business 

We have put together an A-team of mentors. Every RDI mentor brings years of experience and a plethora of specialized knowledge to the table. They use tried and tested learning methods to communicate their point and inspire curiosity. RDI mentors utilize a range of audio-visual aids to make learning sessions as engaging as possible. 

Personalized Learning 

Two students can have very different learning needs. In an overcrowded classroom, teachers/instructors cannot address the learning needs of their students. Overcrowded classrooms tend to be noisy and full of distractions. As a result, students in overcrowded classrooms have difficulty focusing and concentrating and may be unable to grasp important concepts. This defeats the purpose of continuing education. 

At RDI, we have one mentor for every two students. A healthy mentor-to-student ratio allows mentors to provide personalized attention to course participants. Mentors are able to spend more time with each student to understand their unique learning needs and can tweak their teaching methods to meet them. 

We Strike a Balance Between Theory and Practice

Course participants experience live patient surgeries in a mentored,  over-the-shoulder learning environment. Our mentors will guide you as you perfect your implant placement technique, offering a more personalized learning experience.

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The Value of Mentors at RDI’s Dental Implant Courses

Restorative Driven Implants is on a mission to equip dentists with the skills and knowledge for successful implant placement and seating the final restoration. Developed by industry experts, our dental implant courses are designed with participants’ diverse learning needs in mind.

RDI Mentors Play an Indispensable Role in Promoting Learning

Mentors at RDI bring years of experience and specialized knowledge to the table. They provide expert guidance to students, helping them get the most out of their course. Mentors have an unparalleled ability to break down complex topics and concepts into easily digestible chunks of information.

Creating Hands-On Learning Experiences

Mentors at RDI enhance student learning by integrating theory and practice. Students get a chance to assist in dental implant procedures. During training sessions, mentors educate students on best practices for assessing and selecting patients, treatment planning, surgical placement, and managing complications.

Helping Students Stay on Top of Trends

Implant dentistry has come a long way and is still evolving rapidly. Committed to helping their students become future-ready, RDI mentors discuss the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and procedures that will help patients in their implant placement journey.

Creating a Conducive Learning Environment

One of the many qualities that set RDI mentors apart from their peers is their approachability. Students can ask them questions before, during, or even after graduating through an online community platform.

Taking an Empathetic Approach

It is easy for dentists to feel overwhelmed by their work responsibilities. More than just your instructor, your mentor is a friend you can rely on. RDI mentors never miss an opportunity to bond with their students and are always willing to lend an ear. If an attendee is trying to navigate an issue or concern and desperately needs help to lighten the burden of stress, they can talk to their mentor. Once you enroll in RDI, you are family!

Assisting Students in Building a Network and Referral Base

The importance of a strong professional network and referral base is important with every industry, including dentistry. RDI mentors naturally become a part of each attendees professional network as a result of their approachability and camaraderie as they want everyone to succeed.

Restorative Driven Implants is committed to helping dentists acquire the skills they need to gain a competitive advantage. Our dental implant programs are designed to help students master the latest industry trends. To learn more, call (715) 962-8454.


Meet Our Mentors

Experience Valuable Hands-On Live Patient Surgeries During our Core Series 3 Dental Implant Course

After successfully completing Core Series 2, you will proceed to Core Series 3 designed to help you apply the knowledge and skills you gained in the first two series. In Core Series 3, your RDI mentors will guide you as you perfect your dental implant placement technique, offering personalized over-the-shoulder training.

Hands-On Training

You will receive 2 days of hands-on, live-patient surgery education on pre-selected patients. Learn how to place implants in healed ridges, perform immediate extraction implant placement as well as learn how to restore with success.


We have broken down the concepts and topics taught in the three Core Series in an easy-to-understand and consumable format. You can share your learnings with your team and strategize to improve the patient experience. You will also learn ways to implement your newly acquired skills and specialized knowledge to improve your practice.

RDI mentors will help you identify the tools you need to place dental implants and develop an effective communication plan that focuses on getting your team on the same page. You will also learn important codes for implant procedures and effective ways to assign roles to team members.

Highlights of the Core Series 3

Core Series 3 takes learning out of the classroom. It allows you to apply what you’ve learned in a live patient surgical environment. As you work alongside your mentors and peers there will be ample opportunities to learn even more. In addition to gaining hands-on surgical experience, you will learn how to overcome challenges that may arise before, during and after dental implant surgery.

Learn From the Best

At RDI, we have assembled an A-team of experienced dentists. Every RDI mentor has a proven track record of success. Our team members view mentoring as an opportunity to share their experience and knowledge with students and learn from their experience. They go above and beyond to make sessions as interactive as possible. RDI mentors stay on top of emerging technology trends and share industry updates with students during lectures.

Personalized Attention

There is one RDI mentor for every two mentees. A healthy mentor-to-mentee ratio means students get personalized attention from their mentors.

Hands-On Learning

The Core Series 3 emphasizes hands-on learning in a live-patient surgical environment. Students are encouraged to apply their critical thinking skills throughout the two-days of surgery.

RDI’s Core Series hands-on implant course sets your dental implant placement journey in motion. Every component of our courses is carefully designed to promote learning. Have questions about a course you are interested in? Call (715) 962-8454.

Dental Implant Placement Courses for General Dentists

Dental implants are a highly effective way to replace missing teeth and with the growing demands from patients, it might be time for experienced general dentists to upskill and expand their services to generate new revenue streams.

At Restorative Driven Implant (RDI), our implant courses for general dentists offer comprehensive training to general dentists on the latest techniques and technologies for restorative implant placements. In addition, we help dentists learn from some of the industry’s best restorative dental implant mentors. Let’s dive into what you can learn with our courses.

Detailed understanding of oral cavity

Dentists must have a thorough understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity to perform successful dental implant procedures. Our courses cover the various structures of the oral cavity, such as the bone, gums, and teeth, and how they interact with dental implants.

Diagnosis & planning for treatment

Before performing any dental implant procedure, it is crucial to have a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan, as you might already know. Implant courses by RDI cover the different diagnostic tools available, such as CBCT scans, and how to use them effectively. Learn how to develop comprehensive treatment plans considering an individual patient’s oral health with our courses.

Implant surgery techniques

Our courses cover the latest implant surgery techniques, including immediate extraction implant placement, guided implant placement, soft tissue management, etc. You will also learn how to  place the implant in the right position, based on the patient’s morphology, to ensure the best esthetic result.

Restorative Processes

As part of the overall treatment plan, RDI covers a wide variety of restorative topics to include: abutment selection and functional design, crown fabrication, immediate provisionalization, custom impression copings, open and closed tray impression techniques, etc.

Maintenance and follow-up care

Once the dental implant is in place, patients must get proper support and follow-up care to ensure the longevity of the implant. Our courses cover the maintenance procedures and follow-up care necessary to keep patients happy.

Why you might want to register

Overall, our dental implant placement courses provide general dentists with comprehensive training on all aspects of dental implant placement, from diagnosis and treatment planning to surgical techniques and restorative processes.

At RDI, we recognize the commitment you are making to provide this service for your patients. With our training, you can offer your patients high-quality dental implant services to improve their oral health and quality of life. Learn more about our dental implant courses today – call (715) 962-8454 now or contact us 

Why Continuing Education in Dentistry is Vital For Success

The field of dentistry is evolving rapidly. As technology pushes the industry forward, it is now more important than ever for dentists to stay current with the latest in preventive care, diagnostics, and treatment.

Here are some compelling reasons for dentists to continue their education even after graduating.

Ensure Patients Get the Best Care Possible

Industry-aligned courses help you work on your existing skills and gain new skills. You learn new technologies and gain new perspectives. By continuing your education in dentistry, you can ensure that your patients receive the latest treatments. Continuing education courses help you stay on top of the latest pain management technologies and the latest in post-operative care.

Keep Your License Up-to-Date

The requirements that dentists must meet to keep their license up to date varies from state to state. Most state licensing boards require that dentists improve their skills through continuing education courses. To maintain your license, commit to continuous learning. Complete a CE course at regular intervals to earn credits on an ongoing basis. The more credits you earn, the fewer difficulties you will face when renewing your license.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Technology

Continuing education courses help you stay on top of emerging technology trends designed to help make treatments less painful and more effective. By mastering the latest technologies, you will be able to do your job more efficiently and improve customer experience.

Build Your Resume

Continuing education shows that you are dedicated to your profession and have your patients’ best interests at heart. Adding CE courses to your resume is a great way to build credibility and attract more patients to your practice.

Brush Up or Refine Your Skills

If you do not perform a dental procedure regularly, you may lose the skill eventually and forget the correct way of placing a dental implant. To prevent this from happening, take a refresher course on dental implant in CE to brush up on the skill. Once you have completed the course, you can perform the procedure with confidence.

Even if you perform different dental procedures at regular intervals, there is always room for improvement. Continuing education allows you to observe and learn from other dentists while they perform dental procedures. By evaluating the methods used by other dentists, you are able to adapt your technique.

Network With Professionals

CE courses provide excellent networking opportunities and allow for ample opportunities to discuss and exchange ideas with your peers.

Restorative Driven Implants offers industry-aligned dental implant training courses. Our programs aim to equip dentists with the skills to develop customized dental implant solutions. Have questions about our courses? Call (715) 962-8454.

Dental Implant Training

Dental implant training aims to help practicing dentists grow their knowledge base and improve their skills. Restorative Driven Implants (RDI) combines all aspects of implant dentistry. The Core and Master Series offers a systematized approach to implant placement where clinicians can feel confident that they will get the best restorative results possible for their patients.

Want to support your patient’s with additional services? Enroll in Our Dental Implant Training Program. After all, your patient’s TRUST you.


RDI mentors bring years of hands-on experience performing dental implant surgeries to the table. Their professionalism and expertise as dental surgeons set them apart. RDI mentors are always willing to share their knowledge with their students and learn from them.

They stay on top of emerging trends in implantology. Their experience as educators enables them to think outside the box and develop innovative ways to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner.

Our Modules

We have divided our training program into two modules: the Core Series and the Master Series.

The Core Series

The Core Series is designed to help students improve their understanding of dental implantology principles.

Clinicians will learn about core implant placement concepts to include:

– Surgical techniques
– Healed ridge implant placement
– Immediate extraction implant placement
– Restorative

In addition, clinicians can bring two team members with them to Core Series 2 for a separate Team Training component.

Course participants will experience a plethora of learning styles to include didactic, model based hands-on activities as well as two-days of live patient surgeries with mentored over-the-shoulder training. The Core program is an investment into the knowledge it takes to place dental implants successfully in ones’ practice.

The Master Series

The Master Series is designed to help dentists take their implant placement skills to the next level and treat patients with more complex cases. Course topics include vertical horizontal ridge augmentation, anterior implant esthetics, implant treatment planning and surgical and restorative implant complications. Master Series 6 concludes with two-days of live patient surgeries.

Highlights of Our Training Program

  • Smaller class sizes offer a personalized educational environment
  • Imparts research-based knowledge
  • Ongoing support provided through our online mentorship group

What Our Attendees Say

Core Series 3 was unbelievably helpful to solidify everything we learned in Core Series 1 & 2. I feel way more comfortable moving forward with implant placement after having the hands-on portion.”

– Dr. Ashley Bryant

“Personally, I thought the Core Series program was awesome. I learned a lot, gained some great protocols to add to my existing practice, and felt I became a better overall clinician, let alone surgeon.”

– Dr. Benjamin Jacobson

“This is a great program. I have learned so much every step along the way. The mentorship in the Core Series program is phenomenal and knowing that it continues even after we are done with the course is wonderful.”

– Dr. Carrie Carlson

Restorative Driven Implants has revolutionized dental implant placement education. Our courses prepare practicing dentists for the challenges of tomorrow. To learn more, call (715) 962-8454.

Dental Implant Training Course Near Chicago

Restorative dentistry has come a long way and is still evolving at a fast pace. The technologies and tools that are trending today may go out of favor tomorrow. Therefore, it is important for dentists to keep up with industry trends and upgrade their skills at regular intervals.

Want to Get Ahead of Your Peers? Enroll in RDI’s Dental Implant Training Course


Restorative Driven Implants is committed to helping dentists become future-ready. Our dental implant training course (near Chicago) is designed to set dentists up for success by equipping them with the most in-demand skills. We realize the power of learning by doing. Developed by industry experts, our training program blends theory with practice. Our training institute is conveniently located near Chicago, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

 An Expert Team of Mentors

We have built a team of seasoned professionals. Every RDI mentor has spent years studying dental implant placement and restorative focused dentistry. Their in-depth knowledge of dental problems and procedures enables them to tailor treatment plans to their patients’ specific needs.

RDI mentors possess a wide array of teaching skills. They use different teaching methods to make teaching sessions as interactive as possible and to make complex information more digestible. Curiosity enhances learning. RDI mentors nurture curiosity and encourage students to ask questions.

Post Course-Delivery Support

We are committed to offering continuous support to course participants. All RDI attendees gain access to the online RDI Mentorship Group which allows participants to share information during and after attending the RDI Core or Master Series.

Personalized Learning

To ensure RDI mentors give personalized attention to our students, we maintain a 2:1 student-mentor ratio. A healthy student-to-mentor ratio allows mentors to provide individualized feedback and meet every student’s learning needs.

A Comprehensive Learning Program

RDI offers a comprehensive learning program that educates dentists on surgical principles, healed-ridge implant placement using CBCT technology, immediate extraction implant placement and restorative. The curriculum offers a holistic view for those that are looking to learn about dental implant placement or for those that want to refresh their skills.

As an added benefit, each participant can bring two members of their team with them to Core Series 2 at no additional cost.

Your team members will:
– Learn how to set up an operatory following aseptic technique
–  Understand how to properly sterilize equipment
–  Learn about implant parts and pieces
–  Understand how to support you and your office

Grow Your Dental Practice

Our dental implant training course (near Chicago) will equip you with the skills and tools you need to improve patient experience and drive your team to success. Once you have completed your course, you can expand your service offerings to generate more revenue.

RDI’s dental implant training course is designed to meet dentists’ diverse learning needs. Therefore, we revisit and update our training program regularly to keep it relevant. To learn more, call 715-962-8454.

Stateside or Destination Dental Implant Course: Top Factors to Consider

Dental implant courses are designed to help dentists learn how to place dental implants as well advance their surgical skills to provide the best care possible for their patients.

Stateside vs. Destination Dental Implant Courses


The highlight of a destination implant course is typically the location but oftentimes they lack essential course experiences. Whereas most stateside dental implant courses take a no-nonsense approach to education, placing emphasis on providing comprehensive care for patients.

Many destination dental implant courses only focus on the number of implants placed and the act of placing dental implants. They fail to address the “why” and the end-result for the patient leaving attendees wondering “what the patient’s outcome was long after surgery.” Attending a stateside dental implant placement program allows you to work with people who are dealing with the same concerns that you are regarding the patient base, working with different dental insurances, or all kinds of practice scenarios that you are faced with everyday.

Stateside dental implant courses include theoretical as well as practical sessions. Students get opportunities to learn from mentors chair-side during surgeries, focusing on implant placement, uncovering and even restoring. Students not only build confidence and learn essential skills, but they also learn effective ways to overcome any challenges that may arise before, during and after surgery.

Reputable continuing education companies offering stateside dental implant courses realize the importance of maintaining a healthy student-mentor ratio. A lower student-mentor ratio allows for a more personalized experience. Some of the best training institutes in the country have one mentor for every three students.

Deciding to participate in dental implant placement education is an investment, an investment in your future and your practice.

Why Enroll in a Stateside Dental Course Offered By RDI?


RDI mentors have years of hands-on experience performing dental implant surgeries. Though subject matter experts, RDI mentors consider themselves lifelong learners and never let an opportunity to learn new dental implant technologies or develop a new skill pass them by.

At RDI, we blend theory with practice. Students get ample opportunities to apply the skills they learn in the classroom to real-life surgical situations. We limit the number of students we accept to maintain smaller class sizes so mentors can spend more time with students.

Restoration Driven Implants is a leading education resource committed to helping dentists learn the skills required to run a successful dental practice. RDI mentors have an unparalleled ability to convey complex information effectively. To enroll in a course, call (715) 962-8454.